Leather Art Gallery

My favorite medium to work with is leather tooling. Each of these pieces of art is made by hand carving into the leather, then painting with acrylic paints and leather dyes.

Three tooled leather moths, Luna Moth, Sphinx Moth, Imperial Moth
Three Red mushrooms with white spots tooled leather art Black and Blue Serpent Dragon on a swirling black background leather art

 Pale blue butterfly with pink flowers and purple crystals leather art

Honeysuckle leather art on wood plaque

Custom Honeysuckle leather plaque

 Book with pentacle and crescent moon

Custom Book of Shadows collaboration

Yellow mushroom on leather

Yellow Bridal Veil Mushroom

Yellow Mushrooms on Leather

"So 70s" Yellow Mushrooms

Dandelions on Scrap Leather

Dandelions from NC Wildflowers Series

Red Flowers on Leather

Cross Vine from NC Wildflowers Series

Black and Red Dragon

Fire from Elemental Dragons Series

White and Green Flower on Leather

Wild Oat from NC Wildflowers Series

Blue Dragon on Leather

Air from Elemental Dragons Series

Blue red and yellow medalion

The "Dragon Mandala"